etching, sandblasting & engraving glass & mirrors

Our sandblasting capabilities allow us to take your art work and sandblast it on to glass. Once you design has been sandblasted a coat of Clear Shield will be applied which will help keep your sandblasted art clean. We can take your design from a computer file to final installation in your home or office.

Our Machine

Automatic/Manual Numeric Controlled Sandblasting

The Mistral series features Fratelli Pezza's "signature" construction that has set the industry standard for operational life and performance, even in the most demanding operations. All of the units utilize automatic self-cleaning dust collection to prevent dust from contaminating the work area and an automatic abrasive recovery and recirculation system to maximize the life of the blasting medium. The Mistral series features a new program developed by Pezza to produce the most sophisticated shading-etching-engraving simply and easily by guiding the operator step-by-step through the programming sequence. The program is capable of automatically producing up to 30 different elements on the same plate of glass.

Customers can email us the artwork for a logo or we can you help design one.

glass etching of fisherman

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